Mowing Service includes

Lawn Mowing

Jewitt Lawn Care offers weekly lawn mowing with a commercial grade mulching mower; using clean,sharp, blades that will be adjusted so that you receive the best mow for your grass type.  Your Jewitt Lawn Care Pro will determine the best mowing height for your lawn based on grass type and seasonal conditions. Your Pro will also change mowing direction on a weekly basis to prevent ruts in your lawn. 

String Trimming

During your weekly mowing service, your Jewitt Lawn Service Pro will string trim areas along fences, structures, and natural areas to maintain a uniform lawn height. 


Edging is a great way to maintain clean lines and curb appear. Your Jewitt Lawn Service Pro will perform bi-weekly hardline edging to give your landscape a crisp edge along driveways, walkways, and curbs following your mowing service. 


Upon completion of lawn mowing service, your Jewitt Lawn Service Pro will blow any remaining grass clippings and leaf debris off driveways, walkways, patios, and into your natural areas. 

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