Terms of Service

 One service in January and February;

Bi-weekly in March;

Weekly April through October;

Weekly in November for leaves;

First three weeks of December for leaves.

We follow the recommended service schedule unless instructed otherwise. We do offer, hedge trimming, flowerbed maintenance, Aeration, Dethatching, Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing at an additional cost. 

Service Includes

Mowing with a commercial grade mulching mower; Trimming grass around obstacles with a string trimmer; Edging walkways and driveways; Blowing off all grass clippings; Closing all gates before leaving your property. If your property is in extremely poor shape you will be charged a predetermined, agreed upon price for the initial clean up service (this is a one time fee for severely neglected properties).


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Jewitt Lawn Service. We are customer service enthusiast and we are constantly going the extra mile for every one of our customers. When you sign up for service expect to be well taken care of! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, please contact us within 24 hours. We cannot issue refunds for the service, but we will ensure your service is up to your standards.

Prices of Service

Lawn care prices are based on your total lot size without considering improvements. A comprehensive pricing list is available for properties under 25,000 sq. feet. For larger properties and landscaping jobs an estimate will be provided. After you place your order we will confirm your lot size on the first service date. If a change in your rate is necessary, we will contact you and make adjustments accordingly.

Service Day

We assign one day a week for your service and once that day is assigned, your service day will not likely change for the service season. Service will be completed between 7 am and 7 pm on that day. Unfortunately, we cannot adhere to a more specific time frame.

Skipping Service

Customers may skip their normally scheduled service at any time, with at least 24 hours notice. There is a maximum of 2 skipped mowings a year.

Billing Procedures

For lawn care we use reoccurring billing via credit card to keep our prices low. To set up service, simply call the office to put your card on file. Once submitted, the customer's credit card will be processed through our payment gateway and charged weekly or bi-weekly depending on your service needs. If we miss your mowing day due to weather conditions or for any other reason, we will make the service up to you on the next available day.

For landscaping jobs, we require credit card verification for the estimated total before the service is scheduled. This verification can be done by calling the office, your card will not be charged until the day after your service is completed. We expect a phone call within one business day if any problems need to be resolved or additional work needs to be completed. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers and expect to be notified if problems arise.

Privacy Policy

Jewitt Lawn Service may collect personal information such as your contact, billing and shipping information. We may also collect demographic information. We collect information regarding your interactions with our Web sites using cookies or click stream technology. We may also obtain additional personal and non-personal information from third party providers.


We do not require that you sign a contract when you sign up for service. Our service is ongoing from week to week and season to season until you cancel. You may cancel service, with no added charges, at any time after your 4th mowing. If service is cancelled before the 4th mowing, weekly or biweekly, a service charge of $50.00 will be charged to your account. Cancellation of service must be done at least 48 hours before your next scheduled service day.

Damaged Property

On your scheduled day of service we ask that you make sure your lawn is free of toys, hoses, and other items that may be damaged during service. Sprinkler heads damaged by our staff will be replaced promptly.


We love dogs and other pets, but for the safety of our staff and your pet, make sure your pet is restrained on your day of service. We also ask that your lawn is free of excessive pet droppings. In severe cases the property will be skipped.


We understand locking your gates, but on your scheduled day of service we must have access to your property. If you choose to use a lock, please use a combination style lock and provide us with the combination. We can assure that your gate will be locked before we leave your property.


In case of heavy rain your service day will be re-assigned to the next available day. We will mow on days of moderate rain, always taking into consideration any drainage problems your property may have before we begin.

Sprinkler Systems

Your irrigation system must be set to off on the day of your scheduled service. Additionally, we also ask that you do not run your system the night before your service day as this increases the chance of damage to your lawn. Excessively wet lawns will not be serviced, due to the risk of damage.

Leaf Clean-Up

During the fall, heavy leaves are a problem on some properties and can more than double the time we spend during each service. As a result, if your property is heavily wooded your weekly or bi-weekly mowing cost will change from late October to late November.


By placing you order for lawn service you have accepted the terms and provisions outlined above. 

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